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100% home loans for bonds up to R600,000

Household savings

Certain banks are offering home buyers up to 100% loans if their individual or combined income is less than R23,500.

This is according to HomeBid Home Loans manager, Fiona Staughton, who says this enables these buyers to raise up to R600,000 in bond finance at the top income level of R23,500/month.

“We often help other estate agents get the best bonds for their clients due to my excellent connections with all the banks,” says Staughton, whose 16 years’ experience in the home loans business sees her continually sourcing the best bonds at the best terms for buyers of homes through HomeBid as well as all other buyers too.

“For selected buyers, we can arrange a 30% discount on attorney bond registration fees,” she says. “This is a saving of more than R5,000 on a R600,000 bond as well as further savings on initiation fees charged by the banks of more than R6,000. That’s R11,000 in potential savings for our buyers!”

Mike Blumberg, GM of HomeBid says the banks are getting increasingly competitive at certain levels and borrowers with good credit can get excellent terms if the bond application is managed and negotiated by HomeBid Home Loans.

“This is a free service we offer to all HomeBid buyers as well as all other buyers in the marketplace,” he says. “Serious buyers looking to purchase in this price bracket should get in touch with HomeBid today to find out if they qualify for a bond and these massive savings!”

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