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Joburg’s Kibler Park offers properties on massive stands from R1m

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Kibler Park, in the South of Johannesburg, offers buyers value for money, with properties listed at R1,2m most in demand.

This is according to Trevor Sturgess, Seeff’s MD in Kibler Park, who said in this market buyers realise that property prices are very often negotiable and they will click on properties slightly higher than they can afford with the hope that there is room to negotiate the asking price.

“Another trend in Kibler Park at the moment is that prices per square metre are much higher in the newer areas of Alveda Park – which were originally built around 13 years ago by affordable home developers – than in Kibler Park which is around 45 years old,” he said, noting that properties in Alveda Park are often only 350m² compared to the 1,000m² stands in Kibler Park literally across the road, the prices are not that different.

“The newer, smaller homes are selling for R800,000 to R1m while the older homes on much bigger stands are selling for R1m to R1,250m,” said Sturgess. “Even large double-storey homes are on sale in the older area of Kibler Park for under R1,5m.

“While Alveda Park started as an affordable homes area, it has now become a high demand area as owners have built on and modernised their homes.”

Photo: Properties in the Eye of Africa in the south of Johannesburg


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