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Work social. Team building event. Drinks after work. Feeling anxious and awkward yet? We’ve got your back. Any work event has the potential to impact

Employment contracts are very important in safeguarding the rights of both the employer and employee. When entering into an agreement whereby one party agrees

If any of these ring true for you, you probably need to find a new position, or start making some serious changes at your

Walking into an office to resign is never easy, especially when you’ve loved the experience at the particular company and feel gratitude for personal

Imagine, for a second, that you are an employer with multiple offices across the country, employing some 200 people of various skill levels. You’ve

The bad news is that employment trend forecasters are saying that retrenchments, or dismissals for operational requirements, are likely to continue rising into 2018

If you are a software developer or programmer your chances of employment increased by 6% between July 2017 and August 2017. This is according

Indeed, an international job site, gives employees the opportunity to review an employer. An employee is asked to give the employer a star-rating out

If you woke up with dread in your tummy and had to drag yourself off to work, then it is probably time to take a

The public perception of estate agents is not always positive. As a matter of fact survey after survey undertaken on this topic overseas shows

Q Hi, I run a small cleaning company employing six individuals. I would like to start contributing towards a retirement fund for my employees. What

It’s difficult to know what employees want, unless, of course, you actually just ask them. That’s exactly what CBRE Inc did; it asked 13,000

While money should definitely not be the sole decision-making factor when choosing what to qualify as, it certainly does help to be comfortable. As

Q Our rental agency just dismissed a rental agent who was doing private leases. Evidence indicates his private bank account being used for deposit and

Working from home, being able to set your own schedule and work the hours you please, as long as you meet deadlines and performance

Whether you are a school-leaver, university graduate, unemployed job-seeker, or employed individual, you are likely to have started the year with a set of

Armando Small, certified tax adviser and owner of Capstone Group is a self-proclaimed Jack-of-All-Trades. This typical guy’s guy who was deputy head boy of

Career Junction’s latest Salary Review survey covers 10 of the most popular job sectors and has been compiled exclusively for the South African labour

We're excited to welcome yet another expert to HomeTimes' panel of experts in all things residential property and home-living related. Spiandi Dickson is an

John Loos, FNB’s poster boy for residential property economics, pictured himself as a criminal lawyer when he was a youngster – something he attributes

Cilna Steyn, MD of SSLR Inc, completed her LLB Degree at Unisa, after which she was admitted as an attorney in 2007. She co-founded

Nicholas Spargo, owner of Spargo Landscape Consultants, has been in the landscape trade for 12 years as well as being a lecturer at the Lifestyle

It’s that time of year when your office starts buzzing about performance bonuses and 13th cheques. It’s an exciting time for employees, with the promise

I was in my final year of Bcom Economics at the University of Johannesburg when I interviewed for a job as an assistant at

Whether you want to build your own home or just make extensions to your existing house, you will need to draw up a contract

A young man tells the story of how he was on a Skype call with his parents, from his flat in New York, when

“What did you have for supper last night?” “What would you charge to mow all the lawns in your neighbourhood, or wash all the

Employers, it is likely that more than 90% of your work force would change jobs without thinking twice if a better offer came along. 

More than one in four South Africans who want to and are willing to work cannot find a job. This is according to Stats

Disruption as a result of technological, socio-economic and demographic change would impact every industry and geographical region and result in a net loss of

  Setting up shop in a house is risky business. And when your business is retail-focused, requiring ample off-street parking, security and the separation of

The desire to achieve a tertiary education is strong in South Africa as women comprise 57.9% of all students at public tertiary institutions. However,

What’s more pressing than the #feesmustfall debate? The question of accommodating the 185,000 annual tertiary institution graduates in the job market. Consider that the