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It has become increasingly common for gardens to become smaller, especially in communal living developments – garden space is of course a commodity. With

Is your garden looking flat, boring and old fashioned? Well maybe it’s not your garden that needs the overhaul… Yes, you may need to

Q Hi Nick, what is the ideal distance away from a pool to plant a Washingtonia Robusta palm tree? - David A Hi David, the Washingtonia has

Happy New Year to all our HomeTimes followers, we hope that you will have a wonderful year in 2018. What a beautiful time of

What a beautiful time of the year it is! Depending on where you are situated you could be rejoicing for the beautiful rain up

Is it really worth getting a borehole and what damage is being done to our environment? This is a controversial subject, but, as many

The basis of any well-planned wardrobe is in the style and colour and how it reflects the event you might be attending, and ultimately

What a great start to the season! These warm sunny spring days are just fantastic, what a beautiful time of the year! I must

I’ve always marveled at the differences each month and season holds for a garden. July is special, as many gardeners and landscapers get out

Global warming has really influenced the distribution patterns of many insects, with the fall army worm, in particular, really plaguing our grain farmers, to

Q Hi there, we were walking our dog in Die Wilgers in Pretoria and came across these seed pods. What tree is this from? Thank

I am sure many of you are dreading the icy nights which virtually came out of nowhere. I was joking with a client just

Q Hi Nick, my wife and I are having a disagreement. She does not believe that there is reason to change the time we water

I was driving through the tree-lined streets of Parktown North, clearly showing off that autumn has arrived. What a beautiful spectacle it is with

Walking around a client’s garden this past week I noticed planting arrangements around her pool which brought back childhood memories of sharp leaves poking

Are you aware of the many kinds of invasive species which are found in South Africa? I am not only talking about weeds which

I am sure that many of you are caught off guard when shopping at nurseries, garden shops and retails stores when confronted with beautiful

I am sure many of you are unaware that we are still experiencing a drought in South Africa, we have received some substantial rainfall

What a beautiful time of the year it is. We have received good soaking rain which is filling up the water table, dams and

Q Hi, after the rains over Christmas I was walking in my backyard when I saw bright orange mushrooms growing in the grass. They were not

It’s the same every year; just driving around Johannesburg there is an overflow of runners, walkers and cyclists trying to get fit after the

I say this every year, but I’m always amazed at how time flies. Just a few months ago we were starting off 2016. With

Cape Town and Johannesburg residents are facing stringent water restrictions following the protracted drought. This helps to remind us all that water is vital

What a beautiful time of the year it is. We have finally received the first decent rainfall and we are ever hopeful that it

It has been a tough couple of months with this sheer heat and lack of rain. I, as a nature lover, am thrilled to

I was sitting with a couple friends over the weekend and we got into talking about plants, which naturally led to us talking about

Johannesburg has finally received a tiny percentage of rain, but looking at the weather report it seems as though we are still in for

We were recently informed of how bad our water situation is in Johannesburg, and I am sure the rest of the country is dealing

With spring just around the corner you may want to spend some time fixing up your garden, getting your pot plants up to scratch

At a certain stage in your life you may find yourself in a garden nursery armed with a list of plants you’ve been asked

What a beautiful time of the year it is. Spending time outdoors is just marvellous; the days are warm and the nights are not

The weather has been pretty mild up until today! We have experienced a small amount of rain in Johannesburg, if only we would get

YouTube has an endless array of gardening hacks, how-tos, tips, and tricks. The problem is, however, that there are countless videos of babies eating lemons

Winter is here for the next few months, what a beautiful time of the year it is! Whilst I am landscaping it is still

It seems as though winter has finally arrived, with most of South Africa is experiencing extremely cold weather. A few parts of South Africa

Previously we spoke about how to go organic and still make it work. This week we will focus on how to get your plants

Previously we designed our own organic area. This week we will focus on how to get your plants growing strong and healthily. Follow these

KISS your garden before thinking of selling. This is what Sandy Geffen, director at Lew Geffen Sotheby’s International Realty recommends. According to Geffen, if

Rocketing food prices and the widespread focus on organic produce means now is the best time to start a basic winter veggie garden. Alright, so

Hello to all of our gardening fans - what a beautiful time of the year this is! As the days get cooler we generally

The antioxidant-rich Rooibos tea is best-known for its health benefits, but according to South Africa’s top gardening gurus, it’s also a must for every

Horticulturist Keith Kirsten is leading his annual, private tour to the Chelsea Flower Show & Boutique Gardens of England, which he describes as a

How do you spend your Sundays? What better way than to explore South Africa's rich diversity of flora than to visit one of its

Aim: Today I will teach you the basic method of how to dig a hole and plant a tree or shrub. Follow these five

The past year has been difficult in the gardening space, with the drought, water restrictions and plants and trees not performing as well as

Countrywide: •Sow hardy summer annuals like asters, Campanula, nasturtiums and plox. •Bulb season is starting. Buy bulbs like anemone and ranunculus and store them until March. •Start

[caption id="attachment_2249" align="aligncenter" width="747"] Unique Golden Yellow Calibracho Superbells.[/caption] As the festive season kicks up a gear, your garden deserves some TLC, maintenance and investment. Countrywide [caption

November is here and it's less than two months to go to the festive season. Here's what you need to know about gardening this

From the zany to the inventive, vertical wall gardens have been the subject of some attention over the past month at HomeTimes, since two

Horticuturist Keith Kirsten provides advice on getting your garden September-ready. Sow seeds of all summer-flowering plants like amaranthus, begonias, solenostemon (Coleus), cosmos, impatiens, lobelias and

Resident horticulturist, Keith Kirsten, says get your garden ready for spring. Plant gladiolus cormouses; start watering dahlias; feed daylilies and other lilies (Lillium spp.) with

Celebrity horticulturist Keith Kirsten is returning to retail after selling his first chain of garden centres a decade ago. Come March 2016, his new