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With the summer season in full swing, many homeowners are using their swimming pools on a regular basis and pay close attention to maintenance

Over the past few weeks devastating fires have swept across areas in and around Cape Town, creating severe damage to properties, and huge financial

Q I own and live in a flat in a sectional title development. I bought and renovated it approximately three years ago, and every six

Homeowners renting out their homes to holidaymakers need to check that their short-term insurance policy will cover their possessions during this period. Dawie Loots, CEO

As a child one much anticipated camping holiday turned sour when my parents received a call from their alarm company to let them know

Homeowners need to ensure their homes are insured on their replacement values, as protecting this asset on market value could leave them underinsured. This is

This past week has seen heavy rains and flash floods in and around Gauteng. The east of Johannesburg, especially, has been hit hard, with

A 3.4 magnitude tremor that hit Oudtshoorn yesterday morning (18 October 2016) has highlighted again the major issue of whether the local insurance industry

Last year’s landslide in Mossel Bay, in which almost 30 families in Seemeeuvlug and Tuscan Village have been told to evacuate their houses after

Tenants and home buyers moving house at the end of the month or in a few months’ time need to consider three real-life scenarios

Did you know that the height of your perimeter walls could prove the difference between your security provider being able to access your home

Your most valuable asset is your ability to earn an income. Are you doing all you can to protect it at all stages of

On average, global life expectancy is 73 years for women and 68 for men, while in some developed countries, women even outlive men by

South Africans could see the average cost of burying a loved one rise significantly over the next few months. On average the cost of

If you are anything like me you begrudgingly pay your monthly short-term insurance premium and forget about it. Nobody enjoys imagining the different scenarios

For the most part, insurance claims are no laughing matter. Mostly they’re humdrum affairs. You know, a rear-end here and a broken cellphone there.

Accidental fires in homes rises during the colder winter months as homeowners use their fireplace or other electrical appliances such as heaters more frequently. How

A residential property that is still bonded will carry an additional monthly premium for home owner’s insurance, or HOC. This insurance covers the owner

Have you ever heard of the burglar who couldn’t get hold of a gun and decided to use an adult toy as a weapon

Each and every day automated, or rather “smart”, homes are becoming more and more of a reality. And although the “internet of things” isn’t

To protect your home from burglaries, you need to have more than just a great home contents insurance policy, high walls and reliable locks

Going away over the Easter holidays, for some of us, is an absolute necessity. It is all about getting away and relaxing after a

Market value and replacement value are two different things, as anyone will find out when they go to claim for home insurance. To ensure

You need to get your hands on building insurance as soon as you own any kind of building – whether it’s the house you live in

As a buyer or seller, do you really understand defects, and what you are and are not covered for? Does your insurer cover faulty or defective design,

What happens if disaster strikes while a home that has been sold is still “in transfer” to the new owner? Who would have to pay

Why are homes still being bought without a warranty when it’s hard to remember a time when you bought a car without a warranty?

Most homeowners know by now that they must have a valid Electrical Compliance Certificate (ECC) if they want to sell, because their property can’t

Have you ever put in an insurance claim for damage to your home and ended up with a huge quote to do the repairs? This

oobainsure, the insurance arm of bond originator ooba, has announced the launch of Rent Protector, a new product that will offer tangible financial benefits

Before you head off on your much-needed holiday, are you sure your home has all the protection it needs? What about your insurance policy?

A good landscaped garden can add 5% to 11% to a home’s value. This is according to research by the Michigan State University’s Department

It can actually be cheaper to use a broker when shopping for insurance – instead of going direct. The internet carries articles punting the various

Crime statistics published on 29 September reveal that carjacking has spiked over the 2014/15 year, increasing by 14.2% in comparison to the previous year.

Load shedding is seeing an increase in insurance claims, but the industry is restricting cover. This is according to Sasfin short term insurance broker,