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Bathrooms are always popular candidates for makeovers, likely because they’re


A trend that’s taken the world by storm in recent


Until recently, the garden shed was little more than a shack primarily used for storing lawnmowers, garden tools and the jumble of goods we

There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who believe the kitchen is the heart of the home and those that would

Ever feel like you’re on a never-ending merry-go-round of buy, break, replace in your home? You’re not alone. It’s a sad fact that affordability

Choosing the right furniture is the single most important factor when decorating your home. Decorate a living room with too big a couch and

All of us can’t possibly be interior designers. This doesn’t mean that you have to hate the way your home looks. Perhaps you’d like your

Nurture and restoration are set to take centre stage on the residential design front, with architecture, furniture and décor trends all focusing on home

The holiday season is over and the kids will be going back to school soon, it’s understandable that you couldn’t do a lot of

There’s nothing quite like the healing power of nature when it comes to relaxation. Simply being in the presence of trees is scientifically proven

With the mercury hitting 30 degrees and more across most of South Africa these days, it’s official: summer is finally here! This year, instead

Buying a couch should be easy, right? Walk into a shop, look at something you like and then sit on it to test if

I love to meditate, I find that it clears my mind, helps me focus and gives me peace in this stressful world. It’s been

There’s nothing quite like travel to broaden your horizons and change your outlook on the world, and it’s only natural to want to bring

Whether you are delaying buying your dream home because you want to travel, have professional flexibility or need to save up for a few

We’ve just booked our summer holiday at the beach - months away, I know - but even with the snow and rain in other

Just the thought of the cold weather to come probably has most of you yearning for a comfortable blanket, your favourite couch and a

Welcoming someone into your home for the first time is always stressful: You worry about what they might think of the way you’ve chosen

Paper mache artist Tessa Rosendorff runs a private gallery and studio from her home in Norwood. She has been making paper mache pots for

Light animates and brings any interior to life; every corner, every shape is defined by its own shadow, by its reflection flooded in light. Different

Once you have decided to tie the knot with a special person or to build or renovate your new forever home there will always

Believe it or not, trend and colour forecasting is an internationally acclaimed profession. Trend forecasters are always looking ahead to predict the trends and

When referring to the outdoors one concept comes to mind - natural, nature and the colours green and blue. Outdoor elements like the sky,

On the 15th of November Pharmaline introduced their VenCasa range to the local market with an exclusive launch event held at Bedford Centre, Johannesburg. “VenCasa

Liza Watermeyer, Retail Display Manager of Tile Africa, lets us in on the design and renovation trends showcased at the exclusive International Cersaie Exhibition

If we’re honest we will all admit to having days where you cannot wait to get out of your home because you cannot face

Homes are getting smaller as demand for land and the cost to build and finance a new home increases. You may wonder how you are

You feel your pulse racing as you click “add to cart”, the computer asks if you want to checkout or continue shopping and your heart

If you are looking for something different as a gift this festive season, why not get your hands on quirky cabinet handles? They are versatile

Selecting and purchasing art to display is a highly personal and potentially expensive decorative component of a beautifully designed home. For many of us

Redoing or adding to your kitchen is one of the most popular home improvements. It is also up there with one of the top

Sometimes life happens; a surprise baby number three, a parent or sibling that needs to move into your home for a while, or maybe

Most of our homes consist of the usual: kitchen, dining area, bedrooms and bathroom which leave little room for the designer extras like sculleries,

South Africans have been faced with extreme weather this past week. Today, as the sun peeks through in Gauteng, Helen Heenan Interiors reminds us

Various shades of blue can be associated with tranquillity, confidence, power and stability. When wanting to spiff up any space in my home with

Sometimes you just want to click the refresh button on your life. However, there isn't always the time and money to do so. Do

Helen Heenan, from Helen Heenan Interiors has this to say about the humble scatter cushion room upgrade When decorating with scatter cushions, the 2-2-1 ratio just

Picture this: you have friends or business acquaintances over for a formal dinner. Everyone has complimented you on the food, and the drinks and

Children love their bedrooms - it is the one space in a home that is truly theirs. It needs to be a space in

During winter everyone seeks out warmth, snuggling under blankets or enjoying a warm cuppa to keep the cold at bay. If you are up

When it comes to decorating our homes we all get grandiose ideas and plans that we want to put into motion. Nevertheless, there are

Selecting artwork for your home can be a labour of love. Whether it’s an original painting or drawing, a mass-produced print or a wonderful

It is by no means pleasurable to return to a cluttered and overcrowded space. To alleviate part of that nightmare without having the extra

There is something about looking at green leaves dappled with sunlight that soothes the soul; it is so indescribable, and it can immediately release

The latest craze in homemaking in South Africa is the revival of do-it-yourself home projects. Whatever your reasons may be, re-using glass jars and

Art is a story. It is your history, your future, a depiction of a present age, and with each piece comes a powerful and

With kitchen renovations possibly being one of the most expensive room revamps one can undertake in a home, it makes sense to spend as

There are few things more exciting than painting and redecorating a room purely for the arrival of a new family member. Expectant parents will

A neatly painted room with a punchy colour is always a great way to renew and refresh your home. New colour adds depth and

Gloss, eggshell and primer paints are among the most used paints out there. But what exactly should each of these be used for? If

A beautifully curated home is something you can’t quite put your finger on; everything works together in seamless harmony. Colours and textures all jostled

Everyone’s talking about statement walls. They are a much easier way in which to make a bold change in your home without drastically changing

At some point or another you may have had a sturdy bookshelf somewhere in your home. Perhaps at one point in your life it

Every year, the Tile Africa team travels to Cersaie - the tile and bathroom ware industry exhibition held in Bologna, Italy. This is a

Tile designs just got a whole more creative. Today, advances in inkjet technology allow for exquisite printing and finishes on tiles – keeping up

It’s a fact that many modern apartments and living spaces compromise on kitchen space, so how do you free up counter space for more

We all remember the horrible avocado greens and burnt oranges that so many kitchens and bathrooms in the 1970s were adorned with. Dated or

We are nearing that time of the year when most people receive their bonuses and have some extra cash to spend. This year, before

The language of DIY is fraught with traps and pitfalls for the amateur enthusiast. There are few things worse than confusing your “bleed throughs”

Moving into a fixer-upper that needs work tends to come with a cost. And bathrooms and kitchens are at the top of that list.

The lesser thought of, humble toilet roll holder has been pimped by Handles Inc. Beautiful and practical, the handles come with matching rails and

Peering into the tiny glass wonderland drags me back to the fantasies of my childhood books. The ability to create your own small world

Remember that house on your street with the cute red door? Of course you do! There’s nothing more memorable than a prettified front door.

Painting your home gives it a refreshing new look that is not as easily achieved by other decorative measures. However, in addition to giving

Moms-to-be usually find themselves eager to tackle DIY projects. Whether it is painting the new arrival’s bedroom or installing some handy shelves for nappies,

Life's too short to take terrible showers. Grohe, the manufacturer of sanitary fittings, including kitchen and bathroom taps, and shower systems, has invented the

Some 87% of home sellers drop their price by 9% in an attempt to speed up the sale and reduce the cost of keeping

South Africa’s home improvement market is catching up with its new build sector, and accounts for a third of the R39,2bn spent in the

Get in on Johannesburg’s best-kept secret. Westgate Walding Auctioneers, in Waverley, Johannesburg, offers first-time buyers great deals on quality furniture and empty nesters a

Anything below R240/m² for a fully installed wood laminate floor is inferior quality, according to Craig Harris of Smart Heat and Floors, based in Randburg,