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Q I need advice on what I can do or what process to follow to get my money. I am a landlord and have been

Q Hi, I have three questions: #1 For a lease renewal, do you draw up a new lease or just an addendum? #2 Do you credit check

Lease renewal time on your house or flat has arrived, but did you know that last year’s rental hike isn’t necessarily applicable for the

Q Is this “dunning charge” imposed by the Cape Town City Council legal? If so, is it for the landlord’s or the tenant’s account? A Insofar as dunning

Q I have a tenant who has permission from the landlord to sub-let her apartment. If we do a sub-let lease, who is the landlord

Q A tenant was opening a garage door when the wind was quite strong. The garage door blew up and out of his hands and

Q In line with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI), may I provide information I receive from a prospective tenant (not signed up yet)

Q Our agency just did a reference check on applicants with their current landlord for purposes of placing them with a new landlord. The previous landlord

Q We are looking at exiting our lease early due to a complete break down in trust and respect between us and our landlord. The lease

“Sharon speaking, hello.” “Hi Sharon, it’s Lebo.” “Oh, hi Lebo. How are you?” “I’m fine Sharon; just saw that you have not yet paid your rent?” “I…uh…I was

Some 11% fewer homes were transferred in Q3 2016, compared to Q3 2015, which translates into a market where buyers just cannot afford to

Q What can we do about Cape Town landlords who refuse to provide pool covers for their rental properties? A Quite simply, you should advise your landlords

You need to find a new rental home and begin your search online. You find the perfect home in the perfect location and enquire

Q If a tenant gave notice to terminate a lease early, and at the end of the termination period only vacated half the property (i.e.

Q Is a residential lease agreement without an annual fixed-percentage increase legal? A There is nothing unlawful about having a lease that is subject to a variable

Q What happens in a case where a lease has been signed by an elderly lady and two months later it is found that she is

Q If we have demanded payment from a tenant, they have not paid and then we cancel the lease, can the lease be revived? I

Q A child recently drowned in a pool at a rented property. What is the legal position of a landlord if there is no swimming

The Rental Housing Act states that an outgoing inspection should be arranged within seven days after the tenant vacates the property. Should one of

At this time of year a surprising number of people who had been planning to stay home for the festive season will suddenly decide

National rental inflation is currently sitting between 2.89% and 6.4%, according to TPN Credit Bureau and PayProp Group. Regionally, the Western Cape's rental inflation

Your landlord is an idiot – all your friends have heard you say this a million times. Some of your friends know that he

Is the “Three Strikes Rule”, often utilised by landlords to create an instant cancellation mechanism in the event of a tenant repetitively breaching a

The landlord-tenant game is an entirely different animal in South Africa’s popular coastal towns. Landlords and investors realise the potential for significant rental income

National average rental inflation is a lowly 2.89% according to the latest TPN Market Strength Index. This means that as a landlord, if you

Rent is late…again. As this dreadful month-end ritual unfolds, you can’t help but wonder: Will the rent be paid in full, or at all,

Rent is late…again. As this dreadful month-end ritual unfolds, you can’t help but wonder: Will the rent be paid in full, or at all,

Rent is late…again. As this dreadful month-end ritual unfolds, you can’t help but wonder: Will the rent be paid in full, or at all,

The refund of a tenant’s deposit is the most strongly contested aspect of residential rentals, with most tenants believing that any damages claimed fall

Rent is late…again. As this dreadful month-end ritual unfolds, you can’t help but wonder: Will the rent be paid in full, or at all,

Rent is late…again. As this dreadful month-end ritual unfolds, you can’t help but wonder: Will the rent be paid in full, or at all,

Rent is late…again. As this dreadful month-end ritual unfolds, you can’t help but wonder: Will the rent be paid in full, or at all,

Rent is late…again. As this dreadful month-end ritual unfolds, you can’t help but wonder: Will the rent be paid in full, or at all,

So you’ve decided to take an early retirement because, well, you deserve it! To generate some income during one of your extended holidays to

Challenging economic times have meant that many landlords and tenants in the residential market have been impacted, with tenants unable to keep up with

One day you wake up and realise that the two-bedroom townhouse you’ve been renting is just too small. The baby needs grass to play

The meteoric rise of Airbnb - the short-term letting app launched in a San Francisco apartment a mere seven years ago - is, without

Tenants may not realise that by giving an estate agent or landlord permission to do a credit check on them before signing a lease,

Scamming desperate tenants is child's play, thanks to the high demand for affordable rental accommodation. This leaves the door wide open for bogus agents and landlords

You’ve met with the agent and landlord, and viewed the property. All that’s left for you to secure the rental property is for you

There is no requirement in law that a landlord has to provide a tenant with an electrical compliance certificate every two years, but it

Imagine having the ability to read another’s mind? Prospective tenants will never have to wonder why a rental application was refused again. PG van der

Renting your first apartment is exciting. Young professionals or executive couples may have romanticised ideas of what it will entail: lazy weekends reading by

What are your rights as a tenant? Grant Rea, RE/MAX Living Rental Specialist, takes you through eight areas to empower you to avoid unscrupulous

How are tenants expected to fund an increase in rental inflation if their salaries are not growing at the same pace? This is the

Over the past few years, economic uncertainty and stock market volatility has spawned investor interest in residential rental property. And it can be a

Despite the encouraging news about continued growing demand among foreigners to live and work in South Africa, landlords in SA need to be sure

Buyers looking to purchase an investment property to rent out often have difficulty determining the accurate rental price. There are many factors to consider

The trend of yield compression, which started in 2014, continued through to the 4th quarter, 2015. This is the finding of the latest FNB-TPN

Demand for rental accommodation in the greater Johannesburg area continues unabated, reports Rupert Finnemore, regional head of the Pam Golding Properties in Gauteng. In

A quarterly survey of landlords and property managers by TPN in Q42015 to gauge supply and demand, found Cape Town reflected the most noticeably

The rand’s decline is boosting the appeal of high-end rental property in South Africa. “In fact it’s become almost ridiculously inexpensive for those earning

Who is responsible for the carpets when they wear out, tenants my wonder. And what about the woodwork and paintwork? What constitutes "fair wear

In evictions, the most important thing is to stop the financial bleeding. The amount of blood and pain on the landlord’s part, however, depends

With Western Cape holiday letting being extremely popular, so comes the increase in homeowners and agents wanting to get on “the letting bandwagon” to

Business and leisure tourism along with the continued migration of people to the Cape metro are set to boost the rental market. The weak

One of the major attractions to investing in property is your capital growth, in addition to your ongoing rental income. For that to be

Searching the internet has become the norm for consumers looking for homes to rent, with classifieds websites recording huge traffic increases in this category

The property markets of mining towns around the world have gone from boom to bust in the past year as a result of the

Average rental growth for 2015 was just 6.2%, not much higher than where the market ended in 2014, at 6.05%. This is the latest

An open communication channel between landlord and tenant is of utmost importance to the outcome of your tenancy arrangement, RE/MAX Living Rental Specialist, Grant

Over the past few years, demand for rental properties in the Helderberg Basin has been consistently high - with a big influx of people

Tenants are seldom experts on the subject of leases and consequently uncertain about things like their rights, why to submit three months’ bank statements

Managing agents are the “first line of defence” for landlords when it comes to keeping problem tenants out of their properties, so they need

[caption id="attachment_2163" align="aligncenter" width="900"] This beautiful split level home is situated on a 4,370m2 stand which can be sub-divided into four stands of approximately

Every 12 months, and in some cases 6 months, tenants are required to increase their monthly rental by between 5% and 10% - depending

In a landmark case last year, it was clarified that the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) does in fact apply to lease agreements. As the well-known

HomeTimes interviews Octodec Investments Limited financial director Anthony Stein about the size and nature of the real estate investment trust (REIT). The REIT has

Despite this time of year being synonymous with New Year's resolutions, South Africans continue to fail in one department – year after year. In a

Many tenants may find themselves in a situation where the landlord decides to put their rental property on the market. What rights does the

With between 10% and 25% of all residential tenants classified as poor payers, according to figures from various rental estate agencies and the Tenant Profile

As a landlord, the more you spend on maintenance and repairs, the less profit you make on your rental property. But how do you

Being a private landlord means you’re both a property and relationship manager. If you are not up for signing away a portion of your

Choosing the right estate agent to manage your investment property is the first and most important step to ensure you get the return you’re

The average residential rental in South Africa has remained above the R6,500 level in the third quarter, currently at R6,508, but has shown no

At the heart of being a landlord is the drive to secure a quality tenant who takes care of your property and pays the

With tax season upon us again, SARS provides easy-to-understand advice on what can and what cannot be claimed on your rental property. SARS defines rental

In a bizarre twist of events, a homeowner has been evicted from her own property. If you didn’t think that was even possible, it

Tenants in South Africa currently pay anywhere between one and three months’ rent as a damages deposit – but are often unsure what they

In a tragic event on the premises of a prominent complex in Sunninghill in Johannesburg in late July, a landlord was electrocuted when taking

A shocking case of sexual assault and genital mutilation was uncovered by the Hawks in Bloemfontein in late September. Tenant Profile Network (TPN) Credit

Parents signing or co-signing leases for student accommodation are almost 20% higher in better standing than students signing alone. This is according to Tenant

[caption id="attachment_851" align="alignnone" width="200"] Beware of scam artists posing as landlords or estate agents.[/caption] An increasing number of rental scams are reported to the Tenant

What rights does a landlord have when cancelling a lease, even if the tenant has not been in breach? Rental property law expert and director

Rental property law expert and director at Marlon Shevelew and Associates Inc, discusses voetstoots clauses in lease agreements. Over the last century the common law

The average rental in South Africa ranges between R5,913 per month to R6,441 per month, with the Northern Cape showing the highest growth. This

Still struggling to pay off your debt? We’ve got you covered when attempting to sign a lease. Have a credit-worthy member of your family or

Some 45% of South African credit-active consumers are behind on their debt repayments, according to the National Credit Regulator’s Lebogang Selibi. Right now, more than