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When it comes to investment property, what matters more: rental yield or capital growth? As with all answers to questions around good property investments, there

Yesterday the South African Reserve Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee announced that the prime lending rate would remain unchanged at 10.25% and the repo rate

Is student accommodation a savvy investment option, or a high-risk purchase? According to Grant Gavin, broker/owner of RE/MAX Panache, investing in student accommodation is

Consumers who fail to correctly declare expenses when completing a bond application may limit their chances of getting the best home loan deal possible. This

#1 Don't do it yourself #2 Don't leave it to amateurs who think they know about home loan finance #3 Don't assume that your own bank

The term “tighten your belt” has become as much a part of the South African economic landscape as “misappropriation of funds” and “budget deficit”.

Everything from school fees, groceries, rising inflation and petrol and diesel prices are rising. And it’s getting difficult to imagine having enough left over

First time home buyers and owners who are eager to sell often wait in anticipation to get feedback from the bank on the status

There have been a number of stories over the past few months where homeowners in financial distress have had their homes sold on auction

This is not an article about finding an extra couple of hundred bucks and putting it into your bond each month. It is not

We all know that the credit bureaus compile information on all credit transactions we are involved in and make these reports available to financial

If you’re a first time buyer, then you are probably only just beginning to realise how expensive furniture can be. That three-piece lounge suite

[caption id="attachment_23772" align="alignleft" width="199"] Fiona Staughton[/caption] We all dream of finding and buying our perfect home. The home where we can paint the walls the

If you are fortunate enough to own a piece of land in an urban area or prefer to buy a stand and build the

South Africans will be paying higher taxes of all sorts this year, from VAT and fuel levies to the new municipal property rates just

The real estate industry is being disrupted by the green modular building movement, in the form of prefabricated housing and container homes. It is

If you don’t have a background in finance, concepts like the repo rate and prime lending rate might seem a little mysterious at first.

First time home buyers often get caught by surprise when banks ask for a deposit in order to secure a home loan. “When applying for

Ah February, the month of the RA (retirement annuity) top-up. To minimise their tax liability those with some extra cash will make an additional contribution

Q Hi there. I am interested in investing in a bachelor apartment in Braamfontein. It would be a cash purchase. Could you share some insight

Q I lived in my primary residence for 16 years, since 2001, but rented it out in 2017 and will sell it in 2018. What

As a long-term investment, it makes sense to start building a property portfolio as early in life as possible, but with prices as high

Each December holiday season South Africans are confronted with shocking road fatality statistics. According to the AA, as many as 14,071 people died on

As the holiday season approaches, most of us are counting the days until that year-end bonus hits our account. There’s nothing quite like a

Q Hi, my partner and I took out a joint bond and bought a place together for +-R400,000. We have been living together for about

Establishing and maintaining an excellent credit record is imperative for consumers who want to own a home. If you aspire to buy a property

Once you have done research and made up your mind about going for high rental yields instead of high capital growth properties, the next

When times are tough and consumer budgets are under pressure we hear a lot about mortgage defaults and home repossessions. The fact is, however,

When you finally decide to step onto the property ladder and approach the bank for finance, there are a number of factors that will

  People and capital have become more mobile, and although bilateral agreements and double taxation treaties aim to prevent the double taxation of wealth in

The substantial amount of debt owed on a home loan can often startle consumers making it seem pointless to pay anything extra, as it

Nearly half of all new home loan applications received by bond originator, ooba, are from buyers who have no access to a deposit, but

There’s a reason it’s difficult to qualify for a bond. It’s because banks understand the extra costs and the burden these costs may place

Having deep pockets can certainly help you build wealth with a property portfolio but you will need a specific set of skills to better

Q Hi, my fiancé and I have a joint bond. He is the one paying the bond, in fact money is being deducted from his

Q Hi, I've been following the tips and advice by your expert financial planner. I am a school-leaver who has recently started my first job.

Q Hi, I have just started my first entry-level job; it does not offer any additional benefits. I want to look into setting up a

With June celebrated as Youth Month, Jonathan Kohler, CEO of Landsdowne Investment Properties shares, what he believes to be, the best way to help

Q Hi Donovan, I have met the girl I want to marry. According to our tradition I need to pay lobola. I would like to

Q Hi, could you please advise about taxation rates if I rent out my house? I am not employed and do not have any other

Q Hi, you kindly assisted on some previous questions I had, so taking advantage of your kindness, hopefully you can assist with the following: I purchased

Q Hi, I’ve recently had a chat with my colleagues during a work lunch about disability cover. We are all young professionals starting out in

Q Hi, I’m about to buy my first home and my parents are going on and on about ensuring I have an access bond. I’d

Q Hi, I am contributing towards work’s pension fund, have some additional short term savings that I can access on short notice and then also

Q Hi, how easy is it to sell on student property? And what kind of sales price can I expect as a return? A Although a key

Q Hi, I am considering investing in student property in the UK. I am from Kenya, can I obtain a bond to purchase a student

It’s every seller’s worst nightmare: You enlist an estate agent and place your home on the market, get a few serious enquiries and an

At the current prime rate of 10.5% a R1m home, bought with a 90% loan, will end up costing R2,257m in total, due to

Q Hi, investing in property overseas makes me nervous as I am doubtful of my capacity to manage it as well as I am able

Q Hi, Can you explain the concept of an asset class experiencing a bubble or being overvalued? Based on your last article, the UK student

If all goes according to plan, my retirement is roughly 13 years, 7 Months and 28 days away (but whose counting?) There is still a

Home loan declined! These three words are dream killers for any and every home buyer. They are the words that keep you up at

Q I placed a tenant in my sectional title apartment four years ago at a slightly below complex rental as she was a good tenant

Mr. Naidoo needed to know if his plans to sell his current home to his family trust and buy a second, or new, primary

Q Hi, my primary residence for the last 17 years was acquired for R400,000.  I have spent another R100,000 on improvements but do not have

Q Hi there, Please explain what the difference is between leasehold versus freehold property? I’d also like to understand if a freeholder is entitled to

One of the most stressful parts about buying or building a new home is the waiting period between submitting your documents and essentially receiving

Is it possible to temporarily "window dress" your bank account for just three months prior to bond application and successfully get the bank loan?

Q Hi Arran - I am interested in investing. Please explain the purchasing process to me. What are the practical steps fron beginning to end

Q Hi, I would appreciate your view on whether it is still a good time to be investing in UK property? A Yes, certainly for South Africans

Q Hi Grant, I would like to know how to become a successful property investor. Where do I start? - Mbali A Hi Mbali, property investment is

South Africa is the continent’s most industrialised economy, but still struggles to gain traction since a 2009 recession. Political turmoil has since plagued the

When purchasing a home and registering a bond, a purchaser must be prepared to pay not only the bond registration attorneys’ fees, but a

Unsuspected budget extensions when building or renovating your home can be financially crippling. You could very well be left with a stomach ulcer caused

Sale agreements entered into from 1 March 2017 will see buyers liable for transfer duty according to the new scale. Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan

Q Municipality failed to take readings for 6 months. Six months later sent a bill of close to R8,000 claiming they under-billed us for all

Q Hi, my question relates to the claims against rental income article published previously. We were told by our tax guy that we could not

In recent weeks my practice has had some queries regarding medical deductions and what deductions are allowed to be claimed especially regarding expenses for

Q Hi, I was self-employed but recently took up employment. I have a rental property in another province from which I earn a small income.

When money’s tight and you are just making it from payday to payday, it may only take one unexpected expense like a car repair

Making the decision to take out life insurance on your spouse is an important financial decision that requires careful consideration. It is essential that

In the past 12 months, 6% of home loans granted were switches from one lender to another. This is according to Peter Swartz and

Should you invest in equities or put all your extra cash into your bond? Stealthy Wealth, a blog site run by an embedded software engineer

Almost all of us have heard of the benefits of paying off the debt with the highest interest rate first - and it is

Q Good day, I'm 45 years old and read that others my age, and even retired people, invest in student housing instead of pension funds.

Q Hi, please advise me, I feel that I need to change my Will. I have two sons, their father and I have been divorced

Deeds office transfers in 2014 and 2015 show that Cape Town's deeds office records around 30% of the number of transfers nationally. FNB’s October

Q Hi, after raising our children I went back to work for a while but realised that I was no longer suited to the corporate

Missing a bond instalment to fund festive season spending can mean it takes at least four months to catch up. Missed home loan repayments rise on

Q Good day, I'm a 65-year-old widow. My husband died two months ago and the house was in his name. It is paid up and

The once-off cost and ongoing fees of debt review do not come cheaply. According to FNB, a consumer who, for example, has an initial

The average South African household is spending up to 40% of its income to furnish debt. What’s more, more than half (52%) of South

According to Betterlife Home Loans statistics, which is representative of 25% of all residential mortgage bonds being registered at the Deeds Office, first time

FNB introduced 30-year bonds in July this year, while Absa has had up to 30-year bonds in place for its customers for more than

South African delinquent consumers are paying R20,7bn in overdue interest each year. This is the equivalent of nearly 0.5% of the country’s Gross Domestic

Some 23.9 million South Africans are credit-active, building up a bill of total outstanding consumer credit to the tune of R1,66tn - more than

Many home buyers are faced with the predicament of short-term relief versus long-term financial benefit. This is especially true when the bank offers a 20-year

Homeowners battling to make ends meet, in financial distress and with high debt-to-income ratios don’t have to say goodbye to their homes. But in

Your bond may have been approved, but don’t go out and take on more, unnecessary debt just yet. This is because some banks continue

Cape Town boasts the strongest residential sales market in South Africa, with significantly higher property values as well as the lions’ share of the

Home buyers and those who build their own homes can change almost anything about a home, from open-plan spaces to building an extra bedroom

Guiding your children so that they can have the best means helping them make responsible life decisions and plan for a secure future. Encouraging

Few things are as exciting as sharing the news as expecting parents. The cost considerations can easily cloud the experience though. If it is

Millennials, or those up-and-coming home buyers who are 30 years old and under and make up the future home buying force, face some challenges

Last week, Britons voted to exit the European Union, the fallout of which was the resignation of their Prime Minister, David Cameron, the pound’s

Giving your children the best financial start in life begins with teaching them how to have a good long-term relationship with money. “Finance is a

When we buy our homes it’s done with happy thoughts of family gatherings and future grandchildren sleeping over. A home is the largest, most

Does paying your monthly bond instalment in two halves - one at the start of the month and one in the middle – contribute

Do you know what salary you need to be earning to purchase a property in a particular area of South Africa? Property data company, Lightstone,

The announcement from the Monetary Policy Committee last week that the prime interest rate would remain unchanged, allowed most homeowners to breathe a sigh

How many people do you know who do not use their money wisely? Too many. Unfortunately, the majority of these people are students and even

When a home owner has exhausted options such as a long-term payment arrangement or short-term payment restructuring,  but still are unable to keep up

Be financially frugal if you’re buying a new home off-plan. This is according to Shaun Rademeyer, CEO of mortgage originator, BetterLife Home Loans, who

The average purchasing price for a house is growing faster than the average income of home buyers, according the Standard Bank’s April House Price

The interest rate is not the only element has a bearing on buyers’ potential to afford a bond. This is according to Adrian Goslett,

Moody's, Fitch, Standard & Poor's… Why are four of the Seven Dwarfs spamming South Africans’ newsfeeds? Beginning 8 March, South Africa’s credit rating was put

Getting your foot on the property ladder, or even buying your dream home, may be more attainable than you think. Granted, sticking to a

If you find yourself falling behind on your bond instalments, you should phone your bank to make arrangements to tide you over difficult months.

Home loan consultants are reported to be “over the moon” about a new online, prequalifying tool that speeds up home loan applications. While prequalifications are

You’ve found the home you want and your offer has been accepted – now all you need to finalise the purchase is an answer

RealNet MD Jan Davel believes with tighter economic conditions over the next two to three years, sellers are likely to be more negotiable, thus

A reason why around 50% of all bonds in South Africa are now processed by originators is due to mortgage applications being submitted to

  Buying off plan or directly from the developer has its benefits, especially for first-time buyers or those who don’t have cash for transfer duties

With the changes proposed in the latest budget presented by Minister of Finance Pravin Gordhan, questions arise about the exponential increase in capital gains tax

When applying for a mortgage bond, your credit record is of utmost importance. If you’ve been meticulous about paying off your credit cards, loans

There are two schools of thought on a possible downgrading of South Africa to junk status. One is that the financial markets have already

Working from home has its tax advantages. A certain portion of your home can be claimed as a deduction. But the onus is on

Home buyers are becoming more financially savvy about saving up for bigger deposits on their prospective home loans. BetterLife Home Loans, SA’s biggest mortgage

National Treasury’s proposed plan to raise additional revenue and reduce the budget deficit has seen an increase in Capital Gains Tax (CGT), tax implications

Having a home loan is the cheapest form of finance that consumers can access. The trick is being able to best utilise your home

The 100% home loan which covers the costs of transfer too is not the Holy Grail it’s thought to be. These costs, including transfer duty

Making regular bond repayments on your home is a first priority. Especially in difficult times. Here are ways and means of meeting those repayments and

Yesterday’s Budget announcement for the 2016/17 financial year has been lauded by many in the property industry as a fine balancing act in a

Did you hear the one about the entrepreneur who got his bond approved without a hitch? No? That’s because this is rarely ever the

Interest rates are expected to be hiked further this year, annual salary increases are not guaranteed for most and the cost of living will continue

The value of outstanding credit balances in the South African household sector increased by 4,5% to R1 475,3 billion in 2015, up from growth

Growth in outstanding household sector credit de-celerated slightly in December, from 4.6% year-on-year in the previous month to 4.5%. This slight slowing comes a

A growing number of South African citizens are seeking alternate banking solutions for a diverse range of financial needs. Islamic banking and its principles-based

Two home loan interest rate increases in the past six months have caused many consumers to pause for thought, but they should not deter

There is now much greater pressure on the SA Reserve Bank to increase interest rates, with the longest period of decline in the rand

Hold up before you fix your mortgage interest rate, says Shaun Rademeyer, CEO of mortgage originator BetterLife Home Loans, who notes that South African

Property owners across South Africa are tightening their belts as the upward trend in the prime lending rate looks set to continue. With the

Use the festive season break to plan for your upcoming home purchase. This is according to oobaelite consultant, Natasha Champion, from bond originator ooba. “Although

Building loans are used to finance the construction of a house on vacant land or to finance additions and renovations to an existing home.

  [caption id="attachment_2092" align="aligncenter" width="750"] The massive double-volume inside a four-bedroom Ranjesfontein home on the market for R7,250m. http://bit.ly/1YKJlOs[/caption] Four years stagnating economic growth and two years of

Use your bonus or any windfall to pay extra into your bond. This is the advice just about every bank in South Africa gives

The value of outstanding credit balances in the South African household sector increased by 4.5% year-on-year (y/y) to R1,463,8bn at the end of October

FNB Home Loans household and property sector strategist John Loos reports mortgage credit to households continued to accelerate mildly, contributing to further acceleration in

Why do so many intelligent, young people seem to know so little about managing their money or building their financial future? Most are also unaware

Yesterday’s Monetary Policy Committee meeting saw the repo rate hiked by 25 basis points, pushing it up from 6% to 6.25%. This means the

It’s interest rate decision week again, and while FNB expects an unchanged decision, there are a few good reasons why it would probably be

People do not always understand the difference between saving and investing and the two are sometimes confused. However, understanding and putting both concepts into

15%. This is the minimum deposit required by Absa* when a self-employed individual applies for a bond from the bank. And if you are

92.5%. This is the average home loan amount South African banks are prepared to finance, according to numbers from BetterLife Home Loans. The bond

Homeowners need to consider fixing their interest rates. In a rate hiking cycle, which Absa anticipates will increase by a cumulative 50 basis points

Pre-qualifications matter. Knowing your financial position before house hunting reduces possible embarrassment and disappointment down the line. This is why homebuyers should seek out reputable