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Whether you just found out that you are going to be parents or you already have a precious little one running around in the

Many new estates and sectional title complexes offer children’s playgrounds now as an added attraction and convenience for parents of young children. The fast-approaching winter

Do you know the three things that will most likely lead to your home being burgled? The perfect storm of opportunity for serious criminals

What do you do when you are home alone to ensure your safety? You don’t open for service providers you know you didn’t hire

With another long weekend around the corner most of us will be in and out of our homes; enjoying long visits with friends and

When children are not at school they have got to be somewhere. Whether your own children are spending idle time at your home or

South Africans are all very aware of violent crime and the efforts needed to reduce it, but so-called white-collar crime is just as rampant

The harsh reality of our beautiful country is that you are unlikely to access any form of news media without reading about a crime

Homes situated within gated residential estates are an ever-increasingly popular option across South Africa. There are, however, some emergency situations when heavily guarded access

The latest South African crime statistics had good news for homeowners, with housebreaking and home robbery both down by a significant margin. While that’s

More than two-thirds of house robbers live between 10 and 30 minutes away from your house and 57% strike between 7pm and 12pm. A study

Imagine this, your home has been on the market for three weeks when a buyer approaches you showing very keen interest. A few days

Donna had been struggling to find the right rental property and was thrilled when she eventually found what she considered to be the perfect

A 2017 study on identity theft released by Javelin Strategy and Research, a research-based advisory and consultancy firm in California, revealed that $16bn was

Times have changed, and while you didn't need a cellphone when you were nine, and was perfectly alright without one, the fact remains that

Last week my daughter phoned me following a spike in crime in the area, including home invasions involving some of Kate’s close friends. The

Gareth had no idea how much his life would change when he bought his new home. As a law-abiding citizen he'd never had to

Statistics show that South Africans are among the most security conscious home buyers in the world, with the security features of a property being

Hands up if this has never happened to you: Rushing out of the house, late for work and minutes later sitting in traffic not

More than 60% of prospective buyers and tenants begin their property search online, while less than 5% of homes listed include actual street addresses.

If suburbs with lower crime rates are more attractive to property buyers and tenants, and can attract higher sale and rental prices, why is

It’s a tale as old as time; unscrupulous opportunists will take advantage of unsuspecting individuals whenever, wherever and however. Booking travel and accommodation online

House robbery is the most feared crime by South Africans, according to last month’s StatsSA Victims of Crime survey. In the report, almost 60%

Remember to stop your vehicle just on the inside of the gate and select reverse while waiting for the gate to close. This creates

Have you taught your children about all the possible dangers in your home? Teaching children about home safety is imperative and could potentially be

Are you sure you home is as safe and secure as you think it is? Our friends at LockLatch understand that as a South

How secure are you? Are you as security conscious as you can be? It’s easy to push home security to the back of our minds,

Most of us are working hard at meeting year-end deadlines, with one goal in mind: Putting our feet up and relaxing. Whether you and

Burglary remains on the rise which means burglar proofing should still be a top priority. New gadgets, technology and home security products are being

The latest crime statistics released for the 2015/2016 financial year indicates that 20,820 home robberies took place between April 2015 and March 2016. Although

Securing your home should be your number one priority: From installing alarms, security gates and subscribing to private security companies, to burglar proofing your

More than 132,527 cases of robbery with aggravating circumstances (house robbery and hijacking) were reported in the 2015/16 Crime Stats report released by the

Imagine a stranger walking around in your home, peaking into your bedroom, opening your scullery and your bathroom cabinets. Sounds like the opening scene

You probably think you know how safe your province is, or have a clear perception of how safe it is. Maybe you think it

Being a victim of crime is incredibly traumatic, but being able to identify everything about your attacker and the attack can ultimately help the

With some strategic planning you have a long weekend on your hands South Africans! Put in three-days’ leave (Thursday 4 August to Monday 8

A survey about crime in South Africa, conducted by Statistics South Africa, reveals which crimes South Africans fear the most falling victim to. Do you

A study by Professor Rudolph Zinn, senior lecturer in Forensic and Crime investigation at the University of South Africa, makes valuable reading in terms

Every South African is acutely aware of the need to remain vigilant of their personal safety. This is, unfortunately, something that every property professional

Security measures can cost you thousands in set up and monthly subscriptions. Our friends at Lock Latch say there are still free things in

There has been a spike in home invasions in recent months. Fortunately, in most cases residents have escaped unharmed or sustained only minor injuries.

You have an alarm company, you have latched the doors, and joined the neighbourhood watch, but is your home as safe and secure as

Phishing is an email-based attack when a malicious email is being sent to you with the purpose of you disclosing sensitive information about yourself. It is

More than 42,000 fire incidents were reported in South Africa in 2013, according to the Fire Protection Association of South Africa. And the residential

The South African Police Service notes that about 20,000 burglaries with aggravating circumstances were reported in 2015 in the Western Cape alone. These are frightening home

The internet and social websites are part of everyday life, but they could be dangerous and you should ensure your safety online. Children are especially

Ahead of the 2016 local government elections, ADT Security is warning against impersonators, trying their luck by posing as officials from the department of

Big dogs, burglar bars on the windows and not leaving post to pile up are some of the common myths we believe about deterring

In recent years the South African Police Service has warned of the use of markers by criminals outside homes. Typically they are used to

Agents cannot be held responsible for the contents of a home during show days, says the Institute of Estate Agents Western Cape (IESA Western

With the Easter break just a few weeks away, now is the time to make sure your home security is in tip top condition,

Renovating and worried about security? We have some tips for you! Remodelling or renovating your home is stressful enough without the added anxiety of home

The incidence of natural and man-made disasters seems to be increasing, and more and more households are putting together their own emergency response plans.

Security and safety can be particularly more stressful for women who find themselves home alone when their partners are out of town. This is

Following a recent spate of incidents in the Sandton area where criminals have followed residents home after shopping, Theunis Kotze, general manager of ADT

We got a kitten for our youngest daughter. To start with, Cersei stayed inside while she got used to her new home. But it

More and more vehicle thefts are being reported to SAPS. It is most certainly a crime on the rise. Although official statistics on vehicle

This week, schools around the country re-open for the 2016 academic year. Although the kids may be keen to return to see their friends

In the next few months, residents at a handful of buildings in the city will be able to walk up to their apartment doors

Carrying cash in today’s society is a big no-no and yet we still see many domestic staff getting paid in a cash lump sum

A survey conducted by Statistics South Africa, and released last week, has listed the crimes to which South Africans are most afraid to fall

In less than 20 days, 25,000 matriculants will be descending on the KwaZulu-Natal coast to party. Local teenagers will start celebrating the end of

Mall robberies, cash-in-transit heists and other attacks tend to increase towards the end of the year over the festive holidays and when bonuses are traditionally

According to police and media reports smash-and-grab incidents are on the rise with the attackers becoming increasingly brazen. A recent incident at an intersection

A vast increase in “follow homes” from shopping centres has been reported in recent times. This is according to Stallion Security which says victims

More households have been attacked by criminals in the past year than the one before it, up 5.2% to 20,281. This is according to

Tomorrow is Halloween - a night for pranks and tricks. But unfortunately some people are not wearing masks for fun and they are not

As the sweltering temperatures persist this week across parts of the country, ADT Security has added its voice of concern and support to a

It’s almost the holiday season and usually the busiest time of year for those with leisure properties to let, but they should know that

Summer is here and the inevitable Highveld thunderstorms will soon be a reality. Lightning presents three main hazards to a house that is hit

The key to safety is to always err on the side of caution. Tell someone where you are going and the time you expect

Some 240,000 burglaries occur in South Africa every year – the single biggest crime scourge in local neighbourhoods. And between 16:00 and 22:00 are

They may have gone out of fashion 10 to 15 years ago, with remote access systems at front gates, but peepholes are still in