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Digital disruptor Eazi.com, which sells property for a fixed fee of R39,500 on successful conclusion of a sale, reports high demand and activity in

Ahead of the State of the National Address (SONA) and Budget 2019, Samuel Seeff, chairman of the Seeff Property Group has called on Finance

As we’ve turned the page on 2018 and entered 2019, there are three core pervasive themes that underpinned the property market last year, all

As we move into the first quarter of 2019 with the possibility of rolling black-outs top of mind, we can look forward to a

We’ve known for some time that our drinking water is seriously contaminated with an assortment of pharmaceuticals and chemicals. Perhaps, as consumers, we have become

To consider the fundamental question of whether to change S 25 of the Constitution to allow for expropriation without compensation (EWC), it appears that

In July the Bloemfontein deeds office became the first office to register a property transfer with a digitally signed document. It is early days,

There is no doubt that there is great concern about land reform among ordinary South Africans and especially property owners and buyers. At the

Like most of you, I also receive a lot of negative sentiments about South Africa in my inbox and on Whatsapp, as well as in

Since HomeTimes first announced that Pam Golding Property group had bought online, fixed-fee estate agency, Eazi.com, there have been mixed opinions from industry players: Some

Do property developers have a responsibility to let you know when they plan to develop next to your home? And can you object? Each property

Sorry to disappoint the sci-fi junkies out there, but futuristic movies that portrayed glistening silver cities filled with metallic buildings might have missed the

The Inman Conference in San Francisco is an annual event where top real estate professionals from around the world meet once a year to

An idea to retrofit existing buildings in African cities with 3D printed porous insulation panels to improve liveability and reduce energy consumption for cooling

Living in an RDP house and being disabled is “hell”, complains Zingisani Mhlahlela. He is 30 years old and uses a wheelchair. He lives

“For Sale”, “To Let”, “On Show” and “Sold” boards are as common in our cities and towns as the Jacarandas are in Johannesburg and

In a property market where buyers are spoiled for choice one mistake they simply cannot afford to make is to allow the overwhelming amount

With the South African economy and political climate in a constant state of flux many South Africans are looking at investment opportunities abroad. However,

Speak to any real estate professional and they will tell you that there is no equal to the human touch when it comes to

Developed as an affordable housing option, the container home is a trend originating in Australia that many thought would provide a solution to the

It’s all fun and games until your home sits on the market for six months. This is not about the low-com/traditional/fixed fee debate. Looking

The Cape rental bubble has burst. “Before property investors throw in the towel, this is by no means a reason to panic. Cape Town is

Innovation in any industry is often met with initial shock and rejection by industry gatekeepers such as policy makers, financiers, and sometimes the media.

As the trend towards multigenerational living gains ground, young adults are now not only moving back in with their parents but increasingly buying the

There are many uses for drones in sectional title schemes, for example for inspection of the scheme’s roof for maintenance purposes. The use of

We continue seeing sensational reports on the question of land expropriation without compensation and especially those around land grabs which seem to be rearing

150,000. That’s the number of people who saw a recent container home album share on our Facebook page, resulting in the post being clicked

South Africa 1976, a time when the country’s sociopolitical landscape was rocky and the real estate sector was male-dominated, hard to crack, and somewhat

“This elderly lady loved her little dog; she cared for her and whenever we visited the facility you could see her walking her Pekingese,

What goes down invariably goes up, eventually, according to Neville Berkowitz, founder of HomeBid and a property economist for over 40 years. "When I came

While every owner wants to sell their property at the best possible price, overpricing a home can be the kiss of death for a

In the last week I’ve worked with two sellers in the process of selling their Joburg North properties to relocate to Cape Town. Upon

Capetonians are bracing for the onset of Day Zero – the day the City turns off the taps and residents will have to collect

Examining the FNB House Price Indices for the country’s major regions, gradually slowing price growth in what has been the country’s top performing region

The State of Transformation Report for the South African Property Sector published by the Property Sector Charter Council (PSCC) shows that the South African

How do current members of the ANC know what will happen in the future if they remove the strict protection of property rights from

Last week it was announced that SA Home Loans had purchased 49% of online, low-commission estate agency, PropertyFox. While welcoming SA Home Loans into the

Since 2012, sectional title complexes have been leading the South African property market, not only in terms of price growth, but sales volumes as

The modern real estate industry is a vastly different place to that of just a few years ago. Technology has given buyers and sellers

The Airbnb circus flew into South Africa a few days ago, dazzled city fathers and thousands of homeowners in Johannesburg and Cape Town with

When it comes to retail marketing for shopping centres, direct marketing schemes conducted using different types of electronic communications (e.g. SMS, e-mail, telephone calls,

Sprout Social revealed in their Q3 2017 Sprout Social Index that 81% of consumers believe social media has increased accountability for brands. That is

Whether it is to save monthly costs, inject some of your property equity into a retirement investment, live in a more manageable space –

Some of the chief considerations when purchasing a home is location, distance to local amenities, school district and long-term value. Lightstone's analysis on how

It was always an insane situation and it was always going to be challenged legally, but it took years for the courts to eventually

Identifying housing market bubbles, or market “overshoots”, is always a tough task. Not only have we not yet reached a stage where we can

Fanie and Louise are a retired couple living in Witbank, Mpumalanga – a city in which they met, fell in love and raised their

Buying a home has always been a laborious, protracted process that required hours of wading through countless interchangeable property photos then finding the time

National franchise group, Only Realty, which boasts 24 offices throughout the country, has scrapped commission-based selling in favour of a fixed R50,000 all-inclusive services

Many sectional title schemes have invested a lot of time, energy and money into their gardens. With strict water restrictions limiting non-essential water uses

Neville Berkowitz, property veteran and founder of low commission estate agency HomeBid, speaks to us about the trends he is currently seeing and what

Is it any wonder that home sellers are confused about the state of the property market? The estate agents responding to the FNB surveys are

Housing markets are incredibly important, not only due to the importance of formal housing to citizens’ well-being, but also due to the huge amounts

As we head into the cold winter months, household energy consumption will start to increase as people turn up the heat to stay warm. “Keeping

Ernest Mashaba and his family have been evicted four times from their home in Likole Extension 1 in Katlehong, near Johannesburg. Now they face

Behaviour can be a tough thing to change; especially if there are just about no consequences for doing things they have always been done. Human

Prospective buyers today know more than ever before. They have a mass of information at their fingertips, and as soon as they decide to

Designer and graffiti artist Quasiem Gamiet has lived in Salt River for more than 20 years. Gamiet has been spray painting murals and other

The pool of global “travelling students” is predicted to double to eight million by 2025, with Britain set to attract more than the US,

With the changes introduced in this year’s budget affecting the wealthy in particular, one might wonder if holding a property in a trust still

“Hello?” “Sarah, it’s your mother.” “Mom? What time is it?” “Just after 4am.” “4am? What’s wrong? Is it dad?” Homeowners owe it to themselves and their family to draw

Live Easy, an innovative residential property business, has developed a solution to the dire shortage of rental accommodation available to those able to pay

The quest for improved insulation and with it more comfortable interior spaces that don’t break the bank to heat or cool using artificial means

Greening your home is no longer just a buzz phrase, especially when one thinks of the cost of electricity and the recent water shortages

Online and single-office real estate agencies have been served with notices by South Africa’s biggest property portal, Property24. The notices centre on changing the

What makes your real estate agency unique and distinguishes you from your competitors? What’s the magic that drives more clients to knock on your door? Business

Double digit property price inflation in Cape Town means that prices in the city are much higher than elsewhere in the country.  Although many

In the next few months as many as 21 municipalities, including some major metros, will release a new valuation roll which will impact the

The student accommodation game is similar to retirement in that demand exceeds supply and there will always be a demand for safe, secure and

The beauty of South Africa’s coastline is undisputable; some of our coastal cities and towns have been ranked as one of the top places

In April of this year an estate agency approached us to inform us of difficulties and frustrations related to the process of certification and

The South African real estate industry had a recent shocker when it was announced that the #1 property portal in the country, Property24, bought its

Discerning homeowners are adjusting their demands of what the ideal home has to offer. Homes need to offer convenience, compactness and manageability while being

The rains that Johannesburg so desperately needed arrived in a great deluge on Wednesday (9 November, 2016) causing flash flooding which resulted in deaths

Property owners are looking at all methods and strategies to reduce building management costs that eventually flow through to the bottom line and eventually

Stress is a big part of our everyday lives, but it’s what we do for a living that could just tip us over the

South Africa is home to 40,400 dollar millionaires and seven dollar billionaires. This is according to a report released today by New World Wealth

Property owners and investors on the Atlantic Seaboard, City Bowl and V&A Waterfront areas can expect rental income of between R5,000 to R35,000 per

Where are homes the most expensive to build and what housing type is priciest? The answer might surprise you. Nationally, it costs an average of

Living walls have been around since ancient times, with the Hanging Gardens of Babylon - one of the wonders of the ancient world - built by

According to the FNB House Price Index year-on-year national growth for the month of June was up slightly to 7.4%, from the 7.2% recorded

The solar-powered home and electric car is not the way of the future anymore; it’s a reality. This is according to Cape Town-based Perpetual

Cape Town has been ranked the 47th most congested city in the world and the most congested city in South Africa followed by Johannesburg at

According to a recent study of industry stakeholders by US-based construction think-tank Dodge Data and Analytics, “green building” (designing buildings to limit their environmental

One of the most important outcomes of this year’s historic local government elections and the shift in power to the opposition, the Democratic Alliance

Protest voting is reshaping the political landscape, giving rise to the unknown. Voters are becoming more prepared to take a gamble and reject the

This weekend a mother posted a vent post on a community forum I am on. She complained about wasting her Saturday filling up a

Beneficiaries of a housing project in Bardale's Phase 3 in Mfuleni say that although they have been given houses, it still feels like living in

We’ve all heard about construction nightmares – whether it be the architect who fails to submit plans to council, to builders absconding with deposits

To the uninitiated, council can be a minefield! The first step is to appoint a South African Council for the Architectural Profession (SACAP) registered

The Bridges not Barriers campaign is planning to appeal a decision by the City Municipal Planning Tribunal to approve a 19-storey development, which it

At HomeTimes we’re all about loving all aspects of your home, and a part of that is travelling so that you can appreciate your

In a historic referendum, British citizens voted to leave the European Union on June 23, with 51.9 percent of voters choosing an exit. For

In a High Court matter in the Northern Gauteng Division in 2013 it was yet again highlighted how easily a property owner can unknowingly

A municipality account’s billing tariff is, to a great degree, determined by the zoning of the land on which that property is located. It

Gauteng’s first-time buyers are basing their purchasing decisions on affordability and security. This is according to Bill Rawson, chairman of the Rawson Property Group, who

Gauteng’s housing market achieved an average of 4.4% overall growth in 2015, in third place behind the Western Cape (10.6%) and KwaZulu-Natal (6%). But there

Obtaining prime land in close proximity to or in a sought-after suburb is key to any property developer’s success. And one would think that big-time developers with deep pockets would probably

As the weather becomes colder, many will be focusing their attention on preparing for winter and staying germ-free during the flu season. Apart from

Cape Town’s Central City region has witnessed property value growth from R6,127bn in 2005 to well over R24bn in 2015. Rob Kane, chairperson of

Durban (pictured), ranked 14th out of 165 of the world's key urban residential markets according to Knight Frank’s new Global Residential Cities Index. The index

Knight Frank’s Prime Global Rental Index fell by 1.1% in 2015 with equity market volatility and economic fragility in emerging markets driving rents lower. This

Lightstone has just released their findings of the 10 most expensive streets in SA. The highest valued street was chosen by finding the street

A walking tour of JSE-listed Octodec’s buildings in Tshwane shows the group’s first and foremost strategic objective to promote urban renewal in the CBDs

Investors from other African countries continue to show a strong appetite for residential property in South Africa, particularly in Gauteng province. They are from

Unemployment is South Africa’s most serious unresolved problem, say ordinary South Africans. Racism barely features as an issue of this kind. And only nine

The total value of all developed real estate on the globe reached US$217 trillion in 2015, according to calculations by international real estate adviser,

Strategically-located, upmarket niche shopping complexes in Cape Town are contributing to the upswing in prices of nearby residential property and to the sales of

By now, it is well known that the Western Cape has come out tops in the country for matric passes this year. No less

Finding a home you love can bring so much joy to your life, but the process of moving can have the opposite effect. Moving house

Agri SA is calling on South Africans to donate fresh grass cuttings for hundreds of farm animals that are in desperate need of animal

“Early last year, we intimated that the residential property market’s fortunes in 2015 were strongly linked to oil. Early this year, it seems that

As the holidays fast approach, so does the panic of keeping the family entertained. Board games have long been a firm favourite of families

Demand for homes to buy in the Mpumalanga towns of Nelspruit and White River is being fuelled by in-migration from surrounding areas and a

The short-term holiday rental season in Cape Town has once again started, and the demand for short-term property rentals, specifically on the Atlantic Seaboard

New secure developments are often launched with much fanfare and excitement. But one of the best indicators of the success of economic policy in

A pioneering partnership will see 400 affordable green housing units in the Western Cape and Gauteng being developed, thanks to a R120m concessionary loan

An increasing number of residential nodes are transforming into commercial-centric areas as an answer to the lack of good-quality office space at affordable rates.

In 2013, government estimated that the cost of raising a child from birth to the age of 18 is an incredible R1,7m. This figure

Two mining towns, Rustenburg in the North West Province and Witbank in Mpumalanga, are South Africa’s fastest-growing cities. Between 1995 and 2015, Rustenburg’s population

The current economic policies of both the public and private sector clearly aren't working. With 67% of South Africa’s youth being jobless, having  shed

More than 50% of Cape Town Central City residents own the property in which they live, while 73% live within 3km of their work or

The Expropriation Bill of 2015, released by the Department of Public Works earlier in the year, is now before the National Assembly. The minister,

The City of Joburg is offering 20% to 25% rebates over three years (it started in 2014/15) to repurpose its inner city. Asking prices for

One of South Africa’s unique off-the-grid homes has been hailed at a global conference in the UK where a paper on its development has

The world’s housing markets continue to surge, and the boom now includes Europe, North America, and some parts of Asia. Of the five strongest

South Africa’s home improvement market is catching up with its new build sector, and accounts for a third of the R39,2bn spent in the

Fibre to the home is the next evolution in internet connectivity, and it could directly increase the value of your home. In fact, Fiber to

New kid on the real estate block, HomeBid, says it only charges 1.95% commission on the sale of its clients’ homes, whereas the average

Indian household head incomes could equal that of whites by 2018 – which has an average monthly income of R30,000. This is according to